W.A. Brower, Jazz Producer/Writer (Downbeat , Washington Post)  

“…ingeniously rendered compositions explore the Collective’s concerns with wit, with lyrical and musical craft, with respect for the mosaic of American music and the primary role that black vernacular styles have had in its elaboration.” 


Rusty Hassan, jazz historian and host WPFW FM  

“The music is very diverse on the recording; some of it is straight ahead, some of it is very off to the left, some of it is really hilarious.  It’s a real incredible mix…  Looks like the future is bright for the Greater U Street Jazz Collective.”    


Michael J. West, DC City Paper 

“An important release by an important DC band.” 

Ted Baker, pianist Steely Dan  

“…wonderful music. Exciting, swinging and cleverly put together.”    


Ellen Williams-Carter, host/programmer WPFW FM  

"... a creative mix of music and words that tells the story of American music... entertains as well as educates." 

Steve Monroe, JazzAvenues.com 

“…a fun ride, a ball, a throwback, a throw forward, connecting jazz and hip hop and jive talk and rap, and swing and scat, soul and gutbucket blues.” 

Jeff Lederer, saxophone Matt Wilson Quartet  

“…part of that refined and elegant tradition in jazz; songs that both participate in and reflect the American Songbook …containing a charm that is altogether rare.”     

Nathaniel H. Moone, Cultural Historian 

“The Greater U Street Jazz Collective’s music will make you swing, laugh, cry, think and feel.”